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                                Doona Kelce Height

                                    5 feet 9 inches

Donna Kelce, originally a banker, transitioned into the spotlight as the mother of NFL sensations Travis and Jason Kelce. Her prominence surged after she was spotted alongside pop icon Taylor Swift during a stadium event, sparking a viral sensation. This unexpected encounter propelled her into the public eye, highlighting her role not only as a supportive mother but also as a figure of intrigue within popular culture.

Doona Kelce Height

In 2023, Doona Kelce reaches the age of 72, boasting a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighing approximately 68 kilograms. Her captivating hazel eyes complement her blonde locks, radiating a striking appearance. Sporting a shoe size of 10 (US), her physical measurements beyond these details remain undisclosed. Despite the lack of comprehensive dimensions, Doona Kelce’s graceful stature and distinctive features undoubtedly contribute to her captivating presence.

Age72 years (as of 2023)
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight68 kg or 150 lbs
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
Body MeasurementsNot known

Who is Doona Kelce

Donna Kelce gained fame as the mother of NFL stars Travis and Jason Kelce, after a banking career. Her recent viral moment occurred when she was spotted with pop sensation Taylor Swift at a stadium event.

As a mother whose sons play football on opposing teams, Donna Kelce’s story is unique. She has become known not only for her sons’ athletic achievements but also for her own journey and personality. Here, we delve deeper into Donna Kelce’s background, including details about her age, weight, husband, height, biography, and net worth.

Doona Kelce Biography

Donna Kelce was born into an American family in Orlando, with her birth taking place in late 1952. Her educational journey began at Orange High School, where she received her early schooling. Following her graduation from high school in 1970, she pursued higher education at Ohio University. There, she focused on communication and media studies, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

After completing her studies at Ohio University, Donna furthered her education by enrolling at Baldwin Wallace University. At this institution, she earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA), enriching her expertise in business administration and management. Her academic achievements set the stage for her subsequent career in banking and her eventual transition into the realm of social media prominence.

Quick Facts

Real NameDonna Kelce
Current Age72 (as of 2023)
Date of BirthOctober 9, 1952
Place of BirthUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignLibra
CollegeOhio University
Baldwin Wallace University
ProfessionRetired banking employee

Early Life 

Donna Kelce entered the world in Cleveland, Ohio. At the tender age of 12, tragedy struck when her mother passed away. Following this loss, Donna and her family relocated to the suburbs. It was during this challenging time that Donna’s father remarried, introducing her to a new maternal figure in the form of her stepmother. Despite the upheaval caused by her mother’s passing, Donna found solace and guidance in the presence of her stepmother, who played a significant role in shaping her life and values.

Donna Kelce Education

Donna Kelce, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, embarked on a diverse career journey that encompassed the banking sector and social media. She completed her education at Ohio University and Baldwin Wallace University before marrying Ed Kelce and raising two sons, Jason and Travis Kelce. Their unwavering support was crucial as both sons pursued football careers, progressing from Cleveland Heights High School to the University of Cincinnati. Despite their sons’ college graduations leading to separate paths for Donna and Ed, they maintained a cordial relationship. Donna now resides in Florida, actively engaging on social media while collaborating with her sons on various projects, highlighting her enduring dedication to their NFL pursuits.

Ed’s family has a big military background

Growing up in Cleveland, Ed was drawn to football from a young age, much like his sons. However, despite his passion for the sport, his familial background with a strong military presence influenced his aspirations. Reflecting on his family’s history of military service, particularly during World War II, Ed felt compelled to follow in their footsteps and serve his country.

Upon attempting to pursue his military aspirations, Ed encountered setbacks. Despite his eagerness to join the Army, a pre-existing knee injury led to his application being rejected. Undeterred, he redirected his ambitions and enlisted in the Coast Guard. However, his hopes of a military career were dashed when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease during boot camp.

Adapting to the unforeseen turn of events, Ed transitioned to the steel industry, where he found success. He often brought his sons to his workplace, providing them with firsthand exposure to the challenges and rewards of working in a mill. Through these experiences, he imparted valuable lessons to Jason and Travis, emphasizing the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Donna Kelce Husband and Kids

Donna Kelce and Ed Kelce were once married, sharing more than two decades together. However, their journey took a turn, leading to their separation, the reasons for which remain undisclosed. Despite this, they’ve managed to maintain an amicable relationship, transitioning from spouses to good friends over time.

Ed Kelce, during his marriage to Donna, pursued a career in the steel industry, serving as a sales representative. Although their marital bond dissolved, they both continued to support each other in their respective endeavors.

As a mother, Donna takes immense pride in her two sons, Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce, who have made their mark as football players in the United States. Jason is associated with the Philadelphia Eagles, while Travis showcases his talents with the Kansas City Chiefs. Their achievements on the football field have brought joy and pride to Donna, who continues to stand by her sons, cheering them on in their careers and celebrating their successes.

Donna Kelce’s relationship with Ed

Donna and Ed’s love story is a charming tale of serendipity and lasting connection. Their fateful encounter occurred when Donna, originally scheduled for a date with another gentleman, found herself diverted by destiny. At Fagan’s, a bar in Old Cleveland Flats, Donna and Ed crossed paths, sparking a conversation that led Donna to forego her initial plans.

Reflecting on that night with her sons, Donna humorously recalls abandoning her theater date for the engaging conversation she shared with Ed. Their chemistry was palpable, even amidst Ed’s work attire, stained with the grime of a day spent in the steel lab. Despite his initial apprehension, Ed found himself drawn to Donna’s company, accepting her offer for a ride home.

Their connection deepened as Ed, determined to prolong their time together, swiftly freshened up and whisked Donna off to another nearby establishment. It was evident to both of them that their encounter was more than mere happenstance—it was destiny unfolding before their eyes.

The years that followed were marked by love, partnership, and the joys of parenthood. Donna and Ed embarked on their marital journey, exchanging vows in the 1970s. Their family grew with the arrival of their two sons, Jason and Travis, who brought immeasurable happiness into their lives. Together, they nurtured their children in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, providing unwavering support as both Jason and Travis pursued their dreams, including playing college football at the University of Cincinnati.

Despite the passage of time and the trials they faced, Donna and Ed remained devoted to each other and their family for nearly a quarter of a century, cherishing the memories they created together.


Donna Kelce embarked on her professional journey in the banking industry, dedicating a substantial portion of her career to this sector. However, as time progressed, she underwent a significant transition, stepping into the realm of social media. It was here that she found a new avenue for expression and connection, leveraging her status as the mother of NFL luminaries, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, to gain recognition.

Through her engaging presence on various social media platforms, Donna cultivated a following, capturing the public’s interest with her authentic interactions and glimpses into her life. Her journey from banking employee to social media personality mirrored her evolution as a mother and public figure, with each post and update offering insights into her experiences and perspectives.

Despite bidding farewell to the banking sector, Donna’s commitment to her online community remained unwavering. She continued to engage with her followers, sharing personal anecdotes, familial moments, and reflections on motherhood. Her presence on social media not only amplified her own voice but also served as a platform to celebrate the achievements of her sons and connect with fans on a deeper level.

In essence, Donna Kelce’s transition from the banking industry to social media exemplifies the transformative power of digital platforms in shaping modern identities and narratives. Her journey underscores the potential for individuals to redefine themselves and connect with others in new and meaningful ways, transcending traditional career boundaries to embrace the boundless possibilities of the digital age.

Where does Donna Kelce live?

Following her ventures in commercials alongside her sons, where they endorsed a range of products from COVID-19 vaccines to Campbell’s Soup, Donna Kelce has relocated from Ohio to Florida. Her new residence is a condo located in close proximity to Orlando, marking a significant shift in her geographic location. Similarly, Ed Kelce, Donna’s former husband, has also departed from northeast Ohio and settled near Philadelphia. This geographical relocation underscores a new chapter in their lives, reflecting changes in their personal and professional landscapes.

What is Donna Kelce’s connection to Ohio?

Donna Kelce’s upbringing traces back to Moreland Hills, a suburban area adjacent to Cleveland. Her academic journey led her to Ohio University in Athens, where she pursued a degree in radio and television. Subsequently, she furthered her education by obtaining a master’s degree from Baldwin Wallace University. Throughout her career, Donna was engaged in various roles within banking institutions across northeast Ohio. During this time, she tied the knot with her then-husband, Ed, during the 1970s, and they welcomed two sons, Jason and Travis, into their family. Both Jason and Travis completed their high school education at Cleveland Heights High School before pursuing their collegiate endeavors at the University of Cincinnati. Despite over two decades of companionship, Donna and Ed eventually parted ways, marking the conclusion of their marital journey.

Donna first met while on her way to another date

Donna and Ed’s love story unfolded serendipitously, akin to a scene from a romantic comedy. Fate intervened as Donna, en route to a scheduled date, found herself at Fagan’s, a local bar in Old Cleveland Flats. Meanwhile, Ed, unaware of Donna’s plans, stopped by for a post-work drink. Their chance encounter sparked a conversation that effortlessly flowed, leading Donna to forgo her initial rendezvous.

Reflecting on the encounter, Donna humorously recounted to her sons, Jason and Travis, the amusing twist of fate, lamenting the missed play but cherishing the captivating conversation with Ed. Despite Ed’s initial apprehension about his appearance, smeared in dirt and cement from a day’s work in the steel lab, Donna’s warmth and sincerity prevailed. Determined not to let the night slip away, Ed swiftly freshened up, symbolizing the beginning of a blossoming romance. Their impromptu visit to another nearby bar sealed their fate, igniting a connection that felt destined.

Donna and Ed divorce

After nearly 25 years of marriage, Donna and Ed made the difficult decision to part ways following the graduations of their sons. Despite the challenges that accompanied their divorce, Donna looks back on her marriage to Ed with a sense of warmth and gratitude. Speaking candidly on New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Donna expressed her enduring respect and friendship towards Ed, emphasizing the importance of their shared journey in raising their sons.

She reassured Jason and Travis that while their family dynamic had shifted, her feelings towards their father remained positive and supportive. Reflecting on their decision to separate, Donna acknowledged the inevitability of change and growth, affirming that their bond as parents would endure. In a poignant moment captured in the 2023 documentary, “Kelce,” Donna and Ed shared their perspective on the complexities of parenting and the sacrifices made for the well-being of their children. Their unwavering commitment to providing stability and support for Jason and Travis underscored the depth of their parental love and dedication.

They’re proud parents of two NFL stars

Donna and Ed’s journey as parents took a lively turn with the arrival of their football prodigies, Jason and Travis, who were born just 23 months apart. Jason entered the world on Nov. 5, 1987, followed by Travis on Oct. 5, 1989. While some fans see striking similarities between Jason and his dad, Ed sees nuanced differences in their personalities and mannerisms. On “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce,” Ed shared insights into their familial traits, acknowledging similarities but also recognizing unique qualities in both his sons.

The Kelce household was far from ordinary, as Donna humorously recounted on the Today show, recalling the spirited rivalry that fueled daily competitions between her boys. From racing to the dinner table to vying for the front seat in the car, sibling rivalry was a constant presence. Donna candidly shared her experiences of breaking up numerous fights, noting that their competitive nature often led to disagreements and occasional scuffles.

This dynamic wasn’t unfamiliar territory for Donna, who previously discussed her sons’ spirited competition in an interview with Sports Illustrated. She acknowledged the intensity of their rivalry, which occasionally escalated into physical altercations. Despite the challenges, Donna emphasized the positive impact of their competitive spirit, attributing part of their success to their drive and determination.

In 2024, Donna reflected on her sons’ achievements with pride and gratitude, highlighting the joy derived from witnessing their hard-earned success. She expressed immense happiness for their accomplishments and the opportunities they’ve encountered along the way. Donna’s unwavering support and dedication to her sons were evident as she traveled 1,300 miles in a single day to attend both their playoff games, showcasing her commitment to cheering them on regardless of the distance.

Donna and Ed are fans of Taylor Swift

In September 2023, Taylor Swift, who is romantically involved with Travis Kelce, attended her first Chiefs game, sitting alongside Donna in Travis’ suite. Throughout the game, Swift was visibly supportive, cheering loudly for Travis, which caught the attention of many spectators. Their bond was further highlighted a week later at the Chiefs vs. New York Jets game in New York City, where they were seen sharing a warm embrace.

While Donna may not classify herself as a dedicated “Swiftie,” she holds a deep appreciation for Swift’s talent and down-to-earth nature. Reflecting on her musical preferences, Donna remarked that her era was more aligned with artists like Earth, Wind and Fire and Chaka Khan. Nevertheless, she attended a screening of Swift’s Eras Tour concert film and expressed interest in witnessing the “Lover” singer’s live performances, acknowledging the captivating experience.

At the October 2023 Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos game, Swift had her first encounter with Ed, Donna’s ex-husband. Travis and Jason playfully discussed the interaction on their podcast, New Heights, jesting about their father’s role in the exchange. Despite the playful banter, Ed later praised Swift’s humility and generosity, highlighting her willingness to help clean up after the event, which left a lasting impression on him.

FAQs about Doona Kelce

Q: Who is Doona Kelce?

A: Doona Kelce is an American retired banker turned social media personality, best known as the mother of NFL stars Travis and Jason Kelce.

Q: What is Doona Kelce’s height and age?

A: Doona Kelce is 71 years old as of 2023, and she stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches.

Q: Where was Doona Kelce born?

A: Doona Kelce was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in Moreland Hills, a suburb of Cleveland.

Q: What is Doona Kelce’s educational background?

A: She attended Ohio University, where she pursued a degree in radio and television, and later earned a master’s degree from Baldwin Wallace University.

Q: Who are Doona Kelce’s children?

A: Doona Kelce is the mother of two NFL stars, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce.

Q:  Is Doona Kelce married?

A: Doona Kelce was previously married to Ed Kelce, but they later divorced after more than 20 years of marriage.

Q: Where does Doona Kelce currently live?

A: Doona Kelce currently resides in a condo near Orlando, Florida.

Q: What is Doona Kelce’s profession?

A: Doona Kelce worked in the banking industry as a banking employee for a significant portion of her professional life before transitioning into the role of a social media personality.

Q: What is Doona Kelce’s connection to Ohio?

A: Doona Kelce grew up in Moreland Hills, Ohio, attended Ohio University, and worked for banking institutions in northeast Ohio. She raised her family in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, before moving to Florida.

Q: Does Doona Kelce have any hobbies?

A: Doona Kelce enjoys traveling as one of her hobbies.


Doona Kelce is revered for her pivotal role as the nurturing matriarch behind NFL sensations Travis and Jason Kelce. Hailing from Ohio, she initially carved her path in the banking sector before transitioning into the realm of social media, where her presence garnered widespread admiration. Despite encountering personal trials like divorce and uprooting, Doona’s unwavering support for her sons’ professional endeavors remains steadfast. Through her online platforms, she extends her warmth and wisdom to fans, showcasing a remarkable blend of resilience and fortitude in the face of public scrutiny. Her journey epitomizes the enduring strength and unwavering dedication of a mother navigating the intricacies of life within the public sphere.

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