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Nikolai Peter Ingraham (Laura Ingraham’s son) Age, Bio, Height, Parents & Siblings 

Nikolai Peter Ingraham has garnered attention as a well-known figure, not for his own achievements, but for his familial ties. He rose to prominence as the adopted son of Laura Anne Ingraham, a renowned American conservative television host. His presence in the media spotlight stems from his association with Laura, who is popularly known as Laura Ingraham. Nikolai is part of a family that includes two siblings, Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham, forming a close-knit unit within the public eye. His lineage traces back to his grandparents, Anne Caroline and James Frederick Ingraham III, adding depth to his family’s notable background.

Despite Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s lack of personal achievements in the public sphere, his connection to Laura Ingraham has placed him under the media’s watchful gaze. Alongside his siblings, Maria and Michael, Nikolai forms an integral part of the Ingraham family, contributing to their collective narrative in the public consciousness. With his grandparents Anne Caroline and James Frederick Ingraham III adding further context to his familial heritage, Nikolai’s presence serves as a reminder of the complexities and intricacies within the realm of celebrity families.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Wiki/Bio

Real NameNikolai Peter Ingraham
Nick NameNikolai
Date of Birth2010
Nikolai Peter Ingraham Age 14 years (as of 2024)
Birthday PlaceRussia
FatherNot Known
MotherLaura Ingraham
SiblingsMaria Caroline Ingraham, Michael Dmitri Ingraham
Marital StatusUnmarried
High SchoolEnrolled at a private High School
College or UniversityNot yet
Favourite SportsAmerican Football
Favorite City/CountryConnecticut, United States

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Early Life & Adoption

Nikolai Peter Ingraham entered the world in Moscow, Russia, around 2010, becoming a cherished addition to Laura Ingraham’s family when she adopted him in 2011. Despite Laura’s public persona, she remains tight-lipped about Nikolai’s precise birth details and the identity of his birth parents, choosing to keep these aspects of his life private. Laura’s decision to adopt Nikolai stems from her desire to provide him with a nurturing and loving environment, reflecting her commitment to building a close-knit family.

In welcoming Nikolai into her home, Laura embraces the significance of family bonds and inclusivity. Nikolai joins his adopted siblings, Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham, fostering a diverse and supportive family dynamic. Laura’s dedication to adoption underscores her belief in the power of love and compassion to transcend biological ties, making it a cherished and integral part of their family narrative. Through Nikolai’s adoption, Laura showcases her commitment to creating a loving and inclusive family, enriching their lives with the warmth and joy of familial bonds.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Age

Nikolai Peter Ingraham, born approximately in 2010, stands at around 14 years old as of the year 2024. As he navigates through his teenage years, Nikolai is likely experiencing significant growth and development, both physically and emotionally. This period marks a crucial phase in his life, where he is likely exploring his interests, forming meaningful relationships, and discovering more about himself and the world around him. Like many adolescents his age, Nikolai may be facing various challenges and opportunities as he transitions from childhood to young adulthood. With each passing year, he continues to mature and evolve, shaping his identity and laying the foundation for his future endeavours.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Height and Weight

Nikolai Peter Ingraham stands at a height of 4 feet 8 inches (142 cm) and weighs approximately 30 kilograms (66 lbs). As a growing teenager, Nikolai’s height and weight are indicative of his stage of development. At this age, it’s common for individuals to experience growth spurts and changes in their body composition as they transition from childhood to adolescence. Nikolai’s height and weight fall within a typical range for someone his age, reflecting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As he continues to grow and mature, his height and weight may fluctuate, but for now, they serve as a snapshot of his physical development during this stage of his life.

Meet Laura Ingraham: Nikolai Peter Ingraham Mother

nikolai peter ingraham

Laura Ingraham, born on June 19, 1963, is renowned as a prominent television personality, navigating through various highs and lows in her personal journey. Despite facing challenges in finding a life partner, Laura embraced the role of a single mother with determination and grace. Her decision to adopt three children, including Nikolai Peter Ingraham, reflects her unwavering desire for a loving and nurturing family environment. Balancing her thriving television career with motherhood, Laura demonstrates remarkable resilience and commitment, showcasing her ability to excel in both professional and personal spheres of life.

Maintaining a veil of privacy around her family life, Laura shields her children from excessive public scrutiny, underscoring her steadfast dedication to their well-being and protection. This deliberate choice highlights Laura’s strength and resilience, as she navigates the delicate balance between her public persona and her role as a devoted mother. By prioritising her family’s privacy and safeguarding them from undue attention, Laura exemplifies her unwavering commitment to creating a secure and nurturing environment for her children, embodying the essence of strength and dedication in both her personal and professional endeavours.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Siblings

Nikolai Peter Ingraham is fortunate to have two incredible siblings who enrich their family dynamic—Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham. Maria joined the family in 2008 after being adopted from Guatemala, while Michael became part of their lives a year later, coming from Moscow in 2009. Despite their diverse backgrounds and origins, these siblings share a remarkably strong bond that adds an extra layer of warmth and closeness to their family unit. Their unique experiences and shared upbringing have fostered a deep connection among them, making their familial bond truly special and enduring.

The adoption of Maria and Michael highlights Laura Ingraham’s commitment to creating a loving and inclusive family environment. By welcoming children from different parts of the world into her home, Laura has cultivated a sense of unity and belonging among her children, emphasising the importance of love and acceptance regardless of cultural or geographical differences. Through their shared experiences and unwavering support for one another, Nikolai, Maria, and Michael embody the essence of family, demonstrating that bonds forged through love and compassion transcend borders and origins, enriching their lives in immeasurable ways.

Meet Maria Caroline Ingraham

nikolai peter ingraham

Laura Ingraham’s journey into motherhood began when she adopted her daughter, Maria Caroline Ingraham, from Guatemala in May 2005. Despite Maria spending her formative years in an orphanage, Laura’s unwavering commitment to providing her daughter with a loving home shone through. She made a heartfelt trip to Guatemala to retrieve Maria, even learning Spanish to deepen their connection.

As Maria approaches adulthood and prepares for college in 2024, Laura grapples with the bittersweet emotions of seeing her daughter leave the nest. Despite occasional conflicts during Maria’s teenage years, their relationship has evolved into a strong bond characterized by open communication and mutual respect. Laura cherishes their daily conversations, finding solace in their connection.

Laura’s role as Maria’s mother has been both rewarding and challenging, marked by moments of self-doubt and affirmation. Despite insecurities, Laura takes comfort in the recognition she receives for her parenting efforts, with many acknowledging Maria’s character as a testament to Laura’s influence. This affirmation bolsters Laura’s belief in the transformative power of love and support in shaping a young person’s life.

Through their shared experiences and unwavering bond, Laura and Maria exemplify the resilience and strength that come from maternal love. Their journey underscores the profound impact of familial connections and the enduring power of relationships in navigating life’s challenges.

Meet Michael Dmitri Ingraham

Michael Dmitri Ingraham holds the distinction of being Laura Ingraham’s second child, hailing from Moscow, Russia, where he was born in 2009. Laura embarked on the journey of adoption when Michael was just a year old, bringing him into her loving family in 2010. At 15 years old, Michael Dmitri is currently navigating the final year of his middle school journey, poised to embark on the next chapter of his educational and personal growth.

Described as a young man who is “growing like a weed,” Michael Dmitri possesses a zest for life and a knack for creativity. His passion for constructing intricate Lego creations showcases his ingenuity and attention to detail, highlighting his unique talents and interests. Beyond his hobbies, Michael shares a deep bond with his mother and siblings, demonstrating his affection and appreciation through heartfelt gestures. One such instance was when he collaborated with his siblings to bake a cake in honour of Laura’s birthday, exemplifying the love and camaraderie that define their familial relationships.

As Michael Dmitri Ingraham navigates the complexities of adolescence, he embodies the essence of resilience and determination, guided by the love and support of his family. With his unique blend of creativity, compassion, and devotion, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those around him, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of their familial bonds. As he prepares to transition into the next phase of his life, Michael Dmitri embraces the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, fortified by the unwavering love and encouragement of his cherished family.

Who is the Father of Laura Ingraham’s Children?

The father of Laura Ingraham’s children remains unknown, as she chose adoption to expand her family rather than giving birth. While her children undoubtedly have biological fathers, their parental rights were relinquished through the adoption process, leaving Laura as their sole legal guardian. Raising her kids as a single mother, Laura embraces the challenges that come with parenthood, navigating the complexities of family life with grace and resilience. Despite the absence of a traditional family structure, Laura remains steadfast in her commitment to providing her children with a loving and nurturing environment, where they can thrive and flourish.

Amid the trials and tribulations of single parenthood, Laura Ingraham finds solace and strength in her Roman Catholic faith. When faced with the difficulties of raising her children alone, Laura leans on her religious beliefs as a source of comfort and guidance. Her faith serves as a pillar of support, offering her the fortitude and determination to persevere through life’s obstacles. By drawing upon her spiritual convictions, Laura finds the courage to confront the challenges of single motherhood, instilling in her children the values of resilience, compassion, and faith.

Family Bonds and Celebratory Moments

nikolai peter ingraham

In the Ingraham household, creating cherished memories and celebrating special occasions holds significant importance. A notable instance of this occurred in 2017 when Nikolai Peter Ingraham and his siblings orchestrated a heartwarming surprise for their mother—a uniquely crafted blue birthday cake. This thoughtful gesture not only showcased their affection for Laura but also highlighted the close bond they share as a family. By sharing this intimate moment on social media, they offered a glimpse into their tight-knit family dynamic, demonstrating the value they place on personal connections and shared experiences.

Despite Laura’s prominent status in the media spotlight, these personal celebrations serve as poignant reminders of the significance of family moments. They underscore the notion that amidst public engagements and professional commitments, it’s the cherished memories created with loved ones that truly enrich life. Through simple yet meaningful gestures like surprising their mother with a birthday cake, the Ingraham family exemplifies the importance of nurturing relationships and cherishing moments of togetherness, regardless of external pressures or distractions.

His Mother Career

Laura Ingraham has cemented her presence as a significant figure in television, commanding attention with her show “The Ingraham Angle” and carving a niche for herself in conservative talk. Beyond her media persona, Laura is driven by a desire to enact positive change in the world around her. Not merely content with her role in the media landscape, she actively engages in advocacy and support for causes she believes in. Notably, Laura lent her support to Donald Trump during his tenure as president, offering him advice and contributing to the political discourse of the time.

However, Laura’s impact extends beyond the realm of politics. Her decision to adopt three children, including Nikolai Peter Ingraham, underscores her commitment to providing every child with a nurturing and loving home, irrespective of their background or circumstances. Through her actions, Laura demonstrates that she is more than just a television personality; she is a catalyst for positive change, striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and leaving a lasting impact on the world.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Hobbies & Interests

Nikolai Peter Ingraham embraces a diverse range of hobbies that reflect his vibrant personality and zest for life. An avid dancer, he finds joy in moving to the rhythm of various musical genres, showcasing his passion for music and rhythm. Additionally, Nikolai has a penchant for literature, often immersing himself in the world of books, revealing his contemplative and introspective side as a bookworm.

Beyond dancing and reading, Nikolai indulges his creative instincts through painting, allowing his imagination to flourish on the canvas. He also stays active by engaging in swimming, a refreshing and invigorating activity that keeps him fit and energised. Whether he’s immersed in indoor activities like playing video games or watching TV, or venturing outdoors to explore new places and enjoy nature’s beauty, Nikolai knows how to strike a balance between excitement and relaxation.

Above all, Nikolai cherishes moments spent with his loved ones, prioritising meaningful connections with family and friends. His hobbies serve as a delightful blend of entertainment and bonding, fostering cherished memories and strengthening his relationships with those closest to him.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s Physical Appearance

Physical AttributeMeasurement
Nikolai Peter Ingraham Height4 feet 8 inches (142 cm)
Nikolai Peter Ingraham Weight30 kg (66 lbs)
Eye colourBrown
Hair colourBlack

Nikolai Ingraham Net Worth

His net worth remains undisclosed in public records, as he is still a minor and likely has not yet amassed personal wealth. However, his mother, Laura Ingraham, a prominent television broadcaster and conservative commentator, has achieved significant financial success throughout her career. With an estimated net worth of $40 million, Laura’s earnings stem from various sources, including her work in television, publishing, and public speaking engagements. Despite being a public figure, Nikolai’s financial status is likely separate from his mother’s wealth, and he may not yet have independent financial assets of his own.

As the son of a well-known television personality, Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s upbringing likely provides him with opportunities and privileges. While his individual net worth may not be publicly disclosed, he is undoubtedly supported by his family’s resources and enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. However, his financial situation may evolve as he grows older and potentially pursues his own career path. For now, Nikolai remains focused on his education and personal interests, with his mother’s success serving as both inspiration and a testament to the potential for achievement in the public eye.

Quick Facts

  • Nikolai Peter Ingraham gained prominence as the adopted son of Laura Ingraham, a well-known American conservative television host, highlighting the significance of his familial ties in the media.
  • Born in Moscow, Russia, around 2010, Nikolai became part of Laura Ingraham’s family when she adopted him in 2011, reflecting her commitment to providing him with a loving and nurturing environment.
  • Despite Laura’s public persona, she remains private about Nikolai’s exact birth details and the identity of his birth parents, underscoring her desire to protect his privacy.
  • Nikolai is part of a close-knit family that includes his adopted siblings, Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham, as well as his grandparents, Anne Caroline and James Frederick Ingraham III, adding depth to their family’s notable background.
  • While Nikolai’s lack of personal achievements in the public sphere has placed him under the media’s watchful gaze, his connection to Laura Ingraham highlights the complexities and intricacies within celebrity families.
  • As of 2024, Nikolai is approximately 14 years old, navigating through his teenage years and experiencing significant growth and development both physically and emotionally.
  • Nikolai stands at a height of 4 feet 8 inches and weighs approximately 30 kilograms, indicative of his stage of development as a growing teenager.
  • While Nikolai’s net worth remains undisclosed, his mother, Laura Ingraham, is estimated to have a net worth of $40 million, derived from her successful career in television, publishing, and public speaking engagements.


Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s story offers a glimpse into the complexities of family dynamics within the realm of celebrity. As the adopted son of Laura Ingraham, a prominent television personality, Nikolai’s journey underscores the importance of love, inclusivity, and privacy within their close-knit family. Despite the media spotlight surrounding their lives, Laura’s commitment to providing Nikolai with a nurturing environment and the bond shared among their family members shine through. Ultimately, Nikolai’s story serves as a reminder of the intricacies inherent in navigating fame, parenthood, and personal identity within the public eye.

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