Renee Rapp Height

Renee Rapp Height: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Family & Many More

Renee Rapp Height

 5 Feet 7 inches (170 cm)

Renee Rapp, a versatile American entertainer, has earned widespread acclaim for her talent across various platforms. Particularly noteworthy is her captivating performance as Regina George in the Broadway production of Mean Girls, a role she also reprised in the 2024 film adaptation. In addition to her acting prowess, Rapp showcases her musical abilities through her EP “Everything to Everyone” and her full-length album “Snow Angel.” Her star continues to ascend with a prominent role in the Max comedy series “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” cementing her position as a dynamic force in the entertainment landscape.

Renee Rapp Height

Measurement TypeHeight
Centimeters (cm)170.18 cm
Millimeters (mm)1701.8 mm
Feet and Inches5 feet 7 inches

Renee Rapp’s height plays a notable role in defining her physical presence. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), she possesses a stature that commands attention and enhances her stage presence. This physical attribute complements her performances, allowing her to exude confidence and authority on stage. Renee’s height not only contributes to her imposing presence but also underscores her ability to captivate audiences with her performances. It serves as a foundational aspect of her persona, accentuating her talent and leaving a lasting impression on those who have the privilege of witnessing her on stage

Who is Renee Rapp?

Renee Rapp has swiftly become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, gaining recognition for her portrayal of Regina George in “Mean Girls: The Musical” and her contributions to “The Sex Lives of College Girls.”

Reneé Rapp Biography 

Reneé Rapp, born on January 10, 2000, hails from Huntersville, North Carolina, USA, where she spent her upbringing. Her given name is Reneé Mary Jane Rapp. At 23 years old, Renee is a proud American citizen, with her zodiac sign being Capricorn.

Profile Summary Of Reneé Rapp

Full NameRenee Rapp
Date of BirthJanuary 10, 2000
Age23 years old
BirthplaceHuntersville, North Carolina, United States
ParentsCharlie Rapp (Father, Businessman)
Denise Rapp (Mother, Homemaker)
SiblingsClose relationship with siblings; collaborates on creative projects
Career DebutActing debut in 2013
Net Worth$5 million
EthnicityMixed ethnicity (African American and Caucasian)

Reneé Rapp Age 

Reneé Rapp, aged 24, celebrates her birthday on January 10th, born in the year 2000. In addition to her acting and singing pursuits, Reneé has a keen interest in astrology. She once shared with Nylon in 2021, “I am big into astrology. I am a Capricorn, but I’m a Gemini rising and a Pisces moon.”

Renee Rapp Weight

Renee Rapp prioritizes her well-being, ensuring that her weight aligns harmoniously with her height and overall physique. By maintaining a healthy weight of approximately 52 kg (114 lbs), she not only supports her physical health but also enhances her confidence and vitality. Through balanced nutrition and regular exercise, Renee sustains her optimal weight, allowing her to thrive both on and off the stage. This commitment to her health reflects her dedication to holistic wellness and contributes to her radiant presence in the entertainment industry.

What is Reneé Rapp’s Zodiac Sign

Reneé Rapp’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, known for traits such as strong work ethic, determination, and ambition in the realm of astrology. These characteristics align seamlessly with her career as an actor, where she brings discipline and focus to each role she undertakes. Like many Capricorns, Reneé exudes dependability and responsibility, taking her craft seriously and captivating audiences with her performances. 

Her commitment to refining her acting skills reflects her practicality and drive, typical of individuals born under this sign. As we mark July 16th, 2023, Reneé’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to the influence of her Capricorn traits, propelling her toward continued success. With her unwavering dedication and Capricornian resilience, Reneé Rapp emerges as an unstoppable force in her profession.

Reneé Rapp Nationality And Ethnicity

Reneé Rapp, an American actor, boasts a diverse ethnic background comprising German, Irish, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, and likely Slovak heritage. This blend of nationalities and ethnicities lends a unique dimension to her craft. With each role she undertakes, Reneé infuses a rich tapestry of cultural influences, whether it’s channeling German precision or embodying the fiery passion of her Italian roots. Her versatility in navigating various cultural perspectives enhances the depth and authenticity of her performances, establishing her as a standout talent in the entertainment industry.

Early Life And Education

Renee Rapp was born on January 10, 2000, in Huntersville, North Carolina, United States. She attended high school in North Carolina before transferring to the renowned Northwest School of the Arts. Rapp gained recognition for her exceptional acting skills and won the Best Actress award at the Blumey Awards.

Reneé Rapp Family

Renee comes from a close-knit and affectionate family, comprising her mother, father, and younger brother. Her mother, Denise Olexa Rapp, holds a special place in her heart, as evidenced by a heartfelt throwback photo Renee shared on Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, her father, Charlie, and brother, Charles, complete the loving unit. Despite her rising fame, Renee prefers to keep her family life private, perhaps to shield them from media scrutiny and ensure they enjoy a peaceful and comfortable existence.

Renee Rapp’s Personal Life

Despite her rising fame, Renee remains firmly grounded, thanks to the unwavering support of her parents, Charlie and Denise Rapp. Their consistent encouragement provides her with the strength to navigate the complexities of her growing career. Renee’s tireless pursuit of her craft is evident in her impressive accomplishments, which extend beyond mere financial success to include a significant impact on the entertainment industry. Her steadfast dedication to excellence highlights her journey, cementing her status as a prominent figure in the world of entertainment.

Reneé Rapp Boyfriend

During her time on Broadway, Renee Rapp crossed paths with Antonio Cipriano, sparking a close friendship between them. They frequently shared photos and videos of themselves singing together on Instagram and were often spotted attending events as a pair. Eventually, they decided to publicly acknowledge their romantic relationship, becoming one of Hollywood’s most talked-about couples. 

However, rumors began circulating on social media and in the press in 2021, suggesting that the couple had parted ways. Currently, Renee is reportedly dating popular American singer Charlie Puth, although they have not confirmed their relationship publicly. Renee’s marital status remains unmarried, and any updates regarding her dating life will be shared as they become available.

Rise To Fame

Rapp’s exceptional talent and unwavering commitment propelled her to victory, earning her the prestigious Best Performance by an Actress award at the Jimmy Awards. Her remarkable confidence and commanding stage presence caught the attention of Laura Benanti, who commended her during the award presentation. Rapp’s portrayal in Mean Girls garnered high praise, with New York Magazine describing her performance as electrifying, igniting the stage and leaving her fellow cast members spellbound.

Renée Rapp’s Versatile Career

Renée Rapp, a versatile American talent, has made her mark as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Her standout performance as Regina George in the Broadway hit “Mean Girls” (2019-2020) showcased her acting prowess on a grand scale. Transitioning seamlessly to television, Rapp continues to captivate audiences with her role as Leighton Murray in the ongoing Max teen comedy series “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” which debuted in 2021.

Beyond her theatrical and television successes, Rapp has delved into the music industry. Her debut EP, “Everything to Everyone,” released in 2022, marked her entry into the music scene. This was followed by her full-length studio album, “Snow Angel,” released in 2023, cementing her status as a notable presence in the music world. Renée Rapp’s diverse talents have garnered recognition across multiple entertainment platforms, positioning her as a promising and influential figure in the industry.

Renee Rapp Achievements

Throughout her career, spanning acting and music, Renee has built an impressive net worth estimated at $2 million. Her acting journey commenced in 2013, leading to a prolific career with memorable roles in television, film, and Broadway productions. Known for her captivating performances, Renee has become an inspirational figure, guiding her devoted fan base and aspiring artists alike.

 Renée Rapp’s Records

Movie/TV Show/Song TitleYearRating
The Sex Lives of College Girls20217.8
Broadway Whodunit: Murder at Montgomery Manor2020
CBS Mornings20234.7
The View20232.5
Reneé Rapp: Snow Angel2023
Reneé Rapp: Don’t Tell My Mom2022

Reneé Rapp Recent Projects & Future Plans

Reneé Rapp’s career soared after her triumph at the Jimmy Awards. She landed roles in Theatre Charlotte’s production of Spring Awakening and graced the stage at the Supergirl Pro Surf and Music Festival. Additionally, she contributed to The Educational Theatre Foundation’s Broadway Back to School event. In May 2019, Rapp joined the cast of Mean Girls on Broadway, stepping into the iconic role of Regina George. 

Expanding her repertoire to screen work, she secured a role in the HBO Max series “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” Rapp’s inaugural tour, “Everything to Everyone: The First Shows,” experienced resounding success with sold-out venues. Building on this momentum, she confirmed her continued involvement in Mean Girls: The Musical and unveiled plans for her debut EP, “Everything to Everyone,” alongside her first international performance. Not content to rest, Rapp enthusiastically announced her debut studio album, “Snow Angel,” and a forthcoming multinational tour to promote the album.

Reneé Rapp Social Media Accounts

IMDbRenee Rapp
YouTubeRenee Rapp

Reneé Rapp’s Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2019$3.6 million
2020$3.8 million
2021$4.1 million
2022$4.4 million
2023$4.7 million
2024$5 million

With her diverse talents in acting, singing, and songwriting, Renée Rapp has soared to remarkable success, amassing a net worth of $5 million by 2023. Her achievements not only earn acclaim from critics but also bring significant financial prosperity. Renée’s multifaceted career serves as a testament to her thriving presence as an entertainer in all aspects of her profession.

FAQs about Reneé Rapp

Q: How tall is Reneé Rapp?

A: Reneé Rapp stands at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall.

Q: When and where was Reneé Rapp born?

A: Reneé Rapp was born on January 10, 2000, in Huntersville, North Carolina, USA.

Q: What is Reneé Rapp’s nationality?

A: Reneé Rapp is American.

Q: What is Reneé Rapp’s zodiac sign?

A: Reneé Rapp’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Q: What are some of Reneé Rapp’s notable works?

A: Reneé Rapp is known for her roles in “Mean Girls: The Musical” on Broadway and “The Sex Lives of College Girls” on HBO Max.

Q: Is Reneé Rapp married?

A: No, as of January 2023, Reneé Rapp remains unmarried and single.

Q: Who is Reneé Rapp dating?

A: Reneé Rapp’s relationship status is not confirmed. Rumors suggested she was dating American singer Charlie Puth, but there’s no official confirmation.

Q: What is Reneé Rapp’s net worth?

A: Reneé Rapp’s net worth has likely grown due to her successful career in acting and singing. As of 2023, it’s estimated to be around $6 million.


Reneé Rapp stands out as a dynamic force in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her remarkable talents in both acting and singing. Her journey is punctuated by acclaimed performances on Broadway, where she has garnered recognition for her ability to fully inhabit her characters and engage audiences on a profound level. Transitioning seamlessly to television, Reneé continues to captivate viewers with her magnetic presence and nuanced performances.

What truly distinguishes Reneé is not only her exceptional talent but also her unwavering commitment and passion for her craft. She consistently pushes the boundaries of her art, delivering excellence in every role she takes on. As she forges ahead in her career, Reneé’s trajectory appears boundless, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment landscape. With her relentless determination, she is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry, establishing herself as a true star.

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